Living Naples

For those staying in Naples, there are many activities to plan.
You will not get bored between culture, art and food, indeed every glimpse will give you a new emotion. At the Demi Rooms you will stay in the pulsating heart of the city of Naples and walking among the alleys you will quickly reach some of the most important squares and monuments.

A few steps away you can visit Cappella San Severo where the famous masterpiece Cristo Velato is kept. Continuing towards the historic center of the city, it is possible to admire piazza del Gesù Nuovo where the obelisk of the Immaculate is located.

Foto del famoso capolavoro del Cristo Velato visitabile presso la Cappella San Severo  apochi passi dal nostro B&B Demirooms di Napoli. Continuando è possibile ammirare l'Obelisco dell'Immacolata presso Piazza Gesu Nuovo
Foto dell'antico Castel dell'Ovo visitabile a Napoli a poca distanza dal nostro B&B Demirooms

Naples is also famous for its mysteries and its legends that can be relived by walking through the city between Castel dell'Ovo and Piazza del Plebiscito, where a legend tells that the game of flooring does not allow any blindfolded man to walk straight in central direction between the two lions. Anyone who play this game sooner or later will slide.

Foto dell'immensa Piazza Plebiscito visitabile a Napoli a poca distanza dal nostro B&B Demirooms

Nearby you can also visit the historic Palazzo Reale, the renowned Galleria Umberto I and the famous Teatro Lirico San Carlo, the oldest opera house in Europe, and one of the most famous and prestigious in the world.

Living Naples also means walking through the shopping streets or on the Lungomare Caracciolo.

For those who prefer to experience the folkloric side of the city, very famous are the Spanish Quarters, today known for the typical markets and restaurants and San Gregorio Armeno where it is possible to admire the characters of the .Neapolitan crib.

ew meters away from the port and from molo Beverello, Demi rooms is a good choise even for those who want to enjoy the close island of Ischia and Capri without losing the beauty and the mysteries of Naples.

If you are at the Storical Centre or on the Lungomare Caracciolo you can stop to taste the bests pizzas in the world, from the famous Pizzeria Da Michele or to Pizzeria Sorbillo. The fried pizza of Zia Esterina, instead, keep a concept of street food. In Naples the food culture extend also to the pastry. Can you really pass trough here and do not try a sfogliatella or a neapolitan babà

What are you waiting for?

At Demi Rooms we will be able to advise you on every need and type of holiday here in Naples.